Monday, 11 January 2010

A few new things...

Hello! I hope everyone had a good weekend?

I have added a few new things to the shop today with more on the way over the next week. First up are a couple of cute as you like Fly High Bracelets. They feature a sweet soaring swallow on a dainty chain with a sparkling Swarovski bead in either amethyst or light peach...I like the subtlety of these two. They can be bought in the Jewels section of my shop.

I have also made a print of my Triangle Dog monoprint. Is he dreaming of geometry? Who knows, but I enjoyed drawing him!

Purchase a Triangle Dog of your own HERE.

Just a quick post today, but I am also going to be holding a little Bonbi Forest giveaway soon..What do you think? I've never done one before and have been thinking about it for a while. Sometimes it's good to give a little, you know? I shall keep you posted...

1 comment:

Vickers said...

I love the bracelets! Can't wait for pay day x