Thursday, 24 December 2009

Happy Christmas!!

Aww Christmas...I do love it so! This year (as every year!) Mark and I are heading to my folks house for the big day to spend it with them and Mark's mama. The only thing missing will be my little brother who is currently soaking up some sun in New Zealand, lucky thing!

It's my first attempt at being the Christmas day chef this year (I thought it's about time my Mum got to do the kicking back and relaxing this year!!), and while I am pretty relaxed about it I will be cooking on my parent's ancient Aga which is a temperamental old beast. I've just got to treat her nice and she'll hold her heat...dinner could be done waaay faster than expected or we could be eating it in the middle of the night!

(New decorations awaiting Christmas tree decorating last week...I love the swan so much with his glittery beak!)

Either way, I am so looking forward to it and once dinner is done I will be relaxing on the sofa in front of the fire with a big glass of wine and will probably be playing geeky board games, doodling and reading silly jokes well into the night....

Anyways, I just wanted to wish everyone a wonderfully merry Christmas, I hope you get to enjoy yourselves and spend it with people you love...HAPPY CHRISTMAS! xxx


the art cupboard said...

lovely :) merry christmas :)

joanna m. said...

Wow love the swan!
where did you get it?

Lee May Foster said...

Hi Joanna.M, I bought him in a shop called Casa Fina in my home town of Truro in Cornwall...I don't know if they are available online.

He is very lovely isn't he?