Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Ella May

Every few days I take 1/2 hour out to have a peruse and catch up on some of my favorite blogs. I don't read them everyday because despite it being way to time consuming (so many favorites!) in a funny kind of way I get a bit OVER-inspired and end up with so many half formed and hair-brained ideas I don't know where to begin. Despite being someone who makes lots of different things, I have to dedicate time to concentrate on one. thing. at. a. time. or my studio becomes a mass of half finished chaos...

Anyway, the reason I started with a little musing about blog reading is that I came across these photographs by Ella May on one of my favorite blogs, Modish (which is actually where the blog relevance ends...I like to waffle, see!) and have absolutely fallen in love with her use of light. It's just beautiful:

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