Friday, 14 November 2008

Weekend treats...

I have just been adding the latest GORGEOUS new batch of jewellery to arrive in the store from Ako Kivanc aka Gallery A aka Ebony and Ivory!!

Ako's jewellery is so pretty and delicate with lots of tiny trinkets and vintage charms and a sweet mixture of eye popping bright colour and classic earthy tones...All of her pieces come packaged in floral Ebony and Ivory boxes too with colourful fabric inserts, it makes them such a special treat either for yourself or someone dear to you!!

I have also had a re-stock of Cat and Bang's amazing deer necklace - the one that was pictured alongside my little blurb in Nylon magazine - and it is now available in three colours: Black, mirrored silver and mirrored gold...! as well as that I have also added a cute selection of Cat and Bang stud earrings too...

See and shop all Ebony and Ivory and Cat and Bang jewellery HERE!!!

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