Monday, 31 January 2011

Love me do

The new Me and You cards have been flying out, thank you to everyone who has bought one! I just thought I'd give a little heads up that all of my cards now ship with FREE SHIPPING, (except when purchased with something else from the shop, then normal shipping applies)...nice eh?

Also (Listen up boys!) I have made a limited edition I Love You Postcard Necklace in time for Valentines. It has little rose quartz beads strung on the chain which is said to be a stone promoting love and self worth. See and shop this little cutie HERE!
I Love You Postcard
I Love You Postcard Necklace

I think that is all for today. I am busying away sorting things out for some new things to come and trying to squeeze in a little packing up of our belongings...Mark and I are moving house in eleven days time!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Me and You...

Me and you, you and me. that's the way it's meant to be...

I have no idea where I heard the above sentence, or even if I made it up! But I like it and the phrases 'Me and You' and 'You and Me' are close to my heart anyway...

I added a new Valentines or general 'I like you lots' card to the shop today. It joins the other Lovebirds for 2011. See and shop HERE!

Me and You.
Me and You.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

29 Project: Days 235 - 245

Here it is! The latest 29 project update! I hope everyone has been having a sooopa weekend.

Days 235 - 245...

Day 235: Thursday 13th January - Love Cards for Lovers. Gearing up for Valentines and printing lots of cards for you loverrrs...
Day 235 - Love cards for Lovers

Day 236: Friday 14th January - Prototyping. I found a moment or two to have a play this week and have been busy experimenting and making prototypes. I am very excited for things I have yet to make!
Day 236 - Prototyping

Day 237: Saturday 15th January - Vic and the Pig. This is baby pointer Vic, our friends new pup. He was pretty fascinated by this oinking, ear wagging piggy money box (a joke present for James, who would quite like a pig...)
Day 237 - Vic and the Pig

Day 238: Sunday 16th January - Drew a face. I've not drawn a face in a long time...Can you tell? Ha!
Day 238 - Drew a face

Day 239: Monday 17th January: Bleurgh, accounts. It's that time of year again. Tax time.
Day 239 - Bleurgh, Accounts.

Day 240: Tuesday 18th January - Experimenting. Playing with beads and stuff...
Day 240 - Experimenting

Day 241: Wednesday 19th January - Daffodils are sprouting. I've noticed little shoots this last week or so. I am looking forward to the yellow blooms very much!
Day 241 - Daffs are sprouting

Day 242: Thursday 20th January - Good lunch. Mark and I tend to eat pretty healthily, but I have been trying to eat more raw veg and greens lately and every other day pile up the tomatoes, celery, watercress, little leaves of rocket and spinach, and avocado with some cooked beets and a dribble of balsamic for lunch. It's so good! I also have a bit of a love of ham on oatcakes topped with a bit of Mrs Bridges Ploughmans Chutney or Onion Marmalade. L U S H.
Day 242 - Good Lunch

Day 243: Friday 21st January - Icy Icy. It's so much warmer now than it has been for most of the winter but still the ice hangs on in places...
Day 243 - Icy Icy

Day 244: Saturday 22nd January - Love in the country. Our wedding got featured as a 'real wedding' in Wed Magazine! Yay!
Day 244 - Love in the Country

Day 245: Sunday 23rd January - Taking the Ferry. We spent Saturday night with friends in Falmouth and took the King Harry Ferry home in the morning...beautiful day.
Day 245 - Taking the Ferry

Friday, 21 January 2011

New tees for the gals...

I have just added some new tees to the shop! Those of you who came to the BUST Craftacular last year will have seen these before...I can't believe it has taken me quite so long to get them in the shop! A combination of bad weather, dark nights and other stuff going on hampering any photo shoot efforts I suppose, but here they last!

The designs are not new ones, but have been re-purposed into other wearables...I'd love to know what you think.

First up, the popular Pegasus has found another home on a cute scoop neck and cap sleeved asphalt grey cotton tee:
Pegasus Tee
...and the cavorting equines from my Equus Scarves are now on this silky viscose tee as well. I really like these t-shirts, they look great tucked in and just as nice hanging loose. (Apologies for the picture quality in the first pic here, I think I'll have to get it re-taken. It looked ok on the back of the camera, gah!)
Oversize Equus Tee
Oversize Equus Tee
See and shop!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Cactus Bird...

Cactus Bird
Cactus Bird - Detail
We have some little birds perched on our Cactus pot...This guy is Gouache on paper and measures 21 x 21 cm.

I hope you all had a good weekend! I have a 29 project update to show you later...

Friday, 14 January 2011

Almost there...

I mentioned before that I have been really enjoying spending some time getting reacquainted with my pencils and here is one of those drawings I have been talking about.

A little duo arriving home just as the sun has disappeared and the moon is on the rise...

Almost there. Pencil on paper. 21 x 21 cm
Almost there...
Almost there - Detail
I need to make more like this, I loved it!

29 Project: Days 226 - 234...

Here it is, another long overdue 29 project update! I have been a little caught up with painting this week, so it is a bit work in progress heavy. There is more than enough pictures of drinks too, though we were celebrating some pretty momentous occasions...

Anyway, on with the 29 project: Days 226 - 234...

Day 226: Tuesday 4th January - New coat! This is pretty special: My lovely friend Ash, through various reasons had landed himself with a huge wad of vouchers for a womens clothes shop in Truro and rather than let them go to waste, he took a gaggle of ladies (myself included) shopping to spend them. I snaffled myself this rather lovely coat and he wouldn't take anything in return....he really is one of the most generous people I have ever met. He's also a really rather good photographer too, have a peek at his website (there's lots of pics from our wedding up there, ha!) Thank you Ash!!
Day 226 - New Coat

Day 227: Wednesday 5th January - Loose Horse in progress. Look how he changed! This is the first version, with a different horse and a blue tree. My paintings often go through many changes before I am happy with them.
Day 227 - Loose Horse - First version

Day 228: Thursday 6th January - New Agates. Waiting to be photographed and sitting on a pretty Figgjo Flint Turi Design plate. I moved the chains so you can see the faces of the little peeps on there:
Day 228 - New Agates

Day 229: Friday 7th January - Celebratory Drinks! Not the best picture here I'm afraid, but quite significant from this week all the same. Mark and I are moving in February and I can't wait! We are only moving to the next village along, but we will be living in a beautiful cottage that is much bigger than our current abode. Where we live now is very lovely, with sea views and coastal walks, but our little home is getting a bit small for us and it is time to move on. So in four weeks time, we are!
Day 229 - Celebratory Drinks

Day 230: Saturday 8th January - Goodbye Chez Avondale. We aren't the only ones moving either. Our good friends Simon and Lucy are moving from Truro to Falmouth and this was the last evening we would spend there all together...
Day 230 - Goodbye Chez Avondale

Day 231: Sunday 9th January - Homemade Houmous. So after all that drinking I was feeling a bit bad for my body! I tried to redress the balance with some homemade houmous goodness and lots of raw vegetables...It was probably too little too late, but it tasted darn good.
Day 231 - Homemade Houmous

Day 232: Monday 10th January - New paintings. Amidst all of the house finding excitement I managed to finish two paintings, hurrah! You have seen them already in my last two posts, but here they are sat on the sofa waiting to be scanned...
Day 232 - New Paintings

Day 233: Tuesday 11th January - Pencil bird. As well as painting, I have been enjoying doing some pencil drawings is one of them perched on the wall...(not the best picture I'm afraid, but I will have a scan of him soon...)
Day 233 - Pencil Bird on the Wall

Day 234: Wednesday 12th January - Another finished painting. This little chap was finished this week too and again, I will post a better picture soon!
Day 234 - More new work

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Loose Horse in the Valley.

Here is another painting I have been working on of late.

It is inspired by lyrics in Sam Amidon's track 'I See the Sign', namely: Loose horse in the valley and Tell me, who's going to ride him?. I love the imagery they conjure and I doubt I am finished with them yet...

'Loose Horse in the Valley' is gouache on wood and measures 38 x 14 cm.
Loose Horse in the Valley
Loose Horse in the Valley - Detail

Thank you for the lovely comments about 'A Visitor', I am so pleased you like him!!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A Visitor

I have been painting and drawing quite a lot lately and have some new work to show you!

First up is 'A Visitor'. I actually started this guy a while ago but he was put on the back burner while the Christmas madness took has been nice to get him out and finish him up! The painting depicts a little steed coming across a tent in the woods. I wonder who is inside?

'A Visitor' - Gouache on wood. 29.5 x 19 cm...
A Visitor
A Visitor - detail

I will have a 29 project update and more pictures to show you soon...

Thursday, 6 January 2011


Hurrah and hooray! I have added a handful more of the very popular Agate Necklaces to the shop for 2011!

They are all rather lovely, sea-like, blue beauties and each is one of a kind. See and shop them in the jewels section of the shop.

I love the size and colours of these necklaces...they are super for dressing up simple tees and cozy jumpers. I hope you like them!
Agate Pendant - Bermuda
Agate Pendant - Island

Agate Pendant - Source

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

29 Project: Days 219 - 225

I hope everyone had a great fun time at new years and saw in 2011 happily.

Did you notice that Bonbi Fruits had a little make over during the Christmas break? I added some big  buttons to my other places on the web on the right over there --> and some 'Like' and 'Tweet' buttons to each post. It was long over due really!

I also took part in a fun interview for the Great Dames blog last week. They have started 2011 interviewing one 'Great Dame' a day and I think it will be a lovely inspiring blog about ladies doing interesting things. Go take a look!

Tomorrow I have some new Agates going into the shop among other things so keep your eyes peeled for those...for now: On with the 29 project - Days 219 - 255...

Day 219: Tuesday 28th December - Reading. After catching up on a few little bits of work I spent the early evening hanging out on the sofa with one of my new books. This tome by Marion Bantjes needs a whole post to itself, so when I have finished poring over it's splendidly patterned pages you will be sure to see more of it here...
Day 219 - Reading

Day 220: Wednesday 29th December - Scribbling. The last few weeks in the run up to Christmas were such a blur of festive order packing and staying on top of all things Bonbi Forest, I hardly got a chance to sit down with my beloved pencils and paints, so I spent a couple of days getting re-acquainted with them and my ideas...Here is a close up of some pencil scribbles in my sketchbook...
Day 220 - Scribbling

Day 221: Thursday 30th December - Scribbling with paints....and here are some painterly scribbles!
Day 221 - Scribbling with Paint

Day 222: Friday 31st December - New Years Eve! After feasting on delicious things, my friends and I headed outside to wave sparklers about sing a very ropey version of Auld Lang Syne at the stroke of midnight. It was much fun indeed!
Day 222 - Stroke of Midnight

Day 223: Saturday 1st January 2011 - New Years Day. Every year Mark and I head down to the local to fend off our hangovers with a few shandys and catch up with family and whoever else happens to be around. It's always such a good atmosphere, I do love new years day a lot.
Day 223 - New Years Day

Day 224: Sunday 2nd January - Wii! My mama got bought a Wii for Christmas and on Sunday Mark and I headed over to my folks place to have an afternoon and evening being silly on the Wii with the lovely company of my family and Mark's mama and her partner. I am pretty average at most of the games, it has to be said...
Day 224 - Wii

Day 225: Monday 3rd January - Walks. A friend of ours got given a guide to walks in Cornwall for Christmas, so a bunch of us set off on what was meant to be a 3.6 mile 'moderate' jaunt along the cliffs near the village where Mark and I live. I don't know if it was the recent rain and floods washing away parts of the coast path and making them slippery, but there was a unanimous decision that this was more like a hard and perilous hike! It was fun though and the crisp winter breeze blew the last of the Christmas cobwebs away...
Day 225 - Walks