Tuesday, 15 March 2011

29 Project: Days 285 - 293

A 29 project update for you! As I have discovered to be classic of this project, some hit and miss photography skills coming up...

29 project: Days 285 - 293...

Day 285: Friday 4th March - View from a Dressage Lesson. Pia and I had another lesson and here is my view between her ears as we prepare to go in. Cardinham Woods in the late afternoon sun...
Day 285 - View from a dressage lesson

Day 286: Saturday 5th March - Air drumming on a Saturday night. Yep, awful picture, I'll confess I nearly forgot to take it, and this is all I have. Mark air drumming:
Day 286 - Air drumming on a Saturday night

Day 287: Sunday 6th March - Warmth. I have grown to love the woodburner in our new home very much! It makes the house feel and smell all cozy, even more so on a sleepy Sunday evening.
Day 287 - Warmth

Day 288: Monday 7th March - I Wonder. I finished reading the essays and admiring the fantastic illustration of this book, I Wonder by Marian Bantjes. I shall do another post about it soon...in the meantime, I highly recommend it.
Day 288 - I Wonder

Day 289: Tuesday 8th March - Pancakes! Ahh, Pancake day. Mark and I didn't eat anything savory for dinner, just a huge pile of pancakes liberally sprinkled with lemon and sugar...my dentist would be so proud. Ha!
Day 289 - Pancakes!

Day 290: Wednesday 9th March - Giveaway winnings! I was a runner up in lovely Sami of Teasmade's birthday giveaway! This is the very generous haul that was popped through my mailbox. So many sweet treats, thank you Sami!
Day 290 - Giveaway Winnings!!

Day 291: Thursday 10th March - Rosettes. Pia and I had a competition and scored us some wins, adding to my mama's Christmas decoration stash (yes, she really does use the red ones as Christmas decorations...they are pretty festive after all)
Day 291 - Rosettes

Day 292: Friday 11th March - Petal Obsession. I have been thinking of ways to use the petals from my swiftly wilting flowers...I hope to have time to try some ideas before they shrivel completely. Watch this space!
Day 292 - Petal Obsession

Day 293: Saturday 12th March - Yellow Blossoms. I do love these yellow blossoms that have been popping up all over the garden, especially against the dark branches and white cloud sky. In a week or so they will be turning green...I do love Spring!
Day 293 - Yellow Blossoms

That's all for now folks...I will update the last few days of 29 projecting soon.

The dreadful situation in Japan is never far from my mind at the moment. I do hope my lovely Japanese customers and their loved ones are safe. My thoughts are with you all. Stay safe everyone.

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