Friday, 4 March 2011

29 Project: Days 276 - 284

Here is another 29 project update for you! I am sorry I haven't been able to show you much new work lately, I have been busy finishing off commissions amongst other things, but I hope to be able to show you lovely things soon. In the meantime, here is a peek at a new scarf design I have been busying myself with (If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook then you will probably already been privy to this peek...) and it will be in the shop next week!
New scarf peek...

Anyway: On with the 29 Project: Days 276 - 284...

Day 276: Wednesday 23rd February - Jewellery Making Mess. When things get hectic, I get messy, and then it starts to bug me, and then I tidy it all up. It needs a tidy here.
Day 276 - Jewellery Making Mess

Day 277: Thursday 24th February - Hepworth Studio. My long time old friends Nicola and Chris came a visiting and we went down to St Ives for the day. I haven't been down there for ages and it was a great trip out. We went to the Barbara Hepworth Museum which, I am disgraced to say, I have never been to before. It is wonderful! Her studio and gardens are so very inspiring and are open to look at pretty much as she left them. If you find yourself in St Ives with not a great deal of time on your hands, I recommend going there rather than to the Tate (unless there is something fabulous on of course). You won't be disappointed. Here I am reflected in her studio with Chris in the doorway...There is another picture from her conservatory on my Flickr which can be seen HERE.
Day 277 - Hepworth Studio

Day 278: Friday 25th February - Hepworth garden inspired windowsill. Whilst out in St Ives we spied a little market, and being suckers for succulents, Nicola and I couldn't resist. I bought two, which were oh so cheap, and they now sit in my kitchen windowsill with other prettys. The beginnings of a Hepworth garden inspired collection I think.
Day 278 - My own Hepworth garden inpsired windowsil.

Day 279: Saturday 26th February - A new art wall. I got to have my first afternoon at our new house! So I set about hanging mirrors and pictures and wielding a drill and a hammer about. I started hanging our collection of little art pieces on the new art wall. Here you can spy pieces by Gemma Correll, Teasemade, Miso Funky and my aunt Gillian Keightley...(and of course, me!)
Day 279 - Starting the new art wall in the new house...

Day 280: Sunday 27th February - Clifford. Mark and I went to my folks for a big roast lunch with my extended family. When people started dispersing Clifford cat decided he would quite like to sit at the table too and join in the hi jinks. He's a bit fat isn't he? He is on a diet...
Day 280 - Clifford

Day 281: Monday 28th February - Umm...this didn't quite come out as I had hoped. When I turned up, Lou Lou cat was atop the pile of logs. My camera took an age to start up and then she jumped down. I took a picture anyway. That is all I have for today's picture, sorry!
Day 281 - Umm

Day 282: Tuesday 1st March - I don't know why, but I quite enjoyed the polite formality of this sign outside the church in Chapel in Tregony. Inspired singing and good humour!
Day 282 - Inspired Singing and Good Humour

Day 283: Wednesday 2nd March - The most it has felt like summer so far. No wind and wall to wall sunshine (just ignore the crispness of the air and wear a coat...)
Day 283 - The most it has felt like summer so far...

Day 284: Thursday 3rd March - I had a lesson on Pia and the light over the A30 on the way home was fantastic! I have a couple more pictures over on my flickr too...
Day 284 - Going home - Good Light

That's it for now...I'll be back with more soon and some new things to show you too.

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