Thursday, 25 February 2010


Well well! I have been tagged to tag more peeps and play in a game of tag by the adorable Glittery here we go:

The rules of this tag game are, 1: Open your first photo folder, 2: scroll to the 10th photo, 3: Post the photo and the story behind it, 4: Tag 5 or more peeps to continue the thread...

So here's my pic:

It's not the most aesthetically pleasing image of all time, but it is a shot of part of my studio not long after I moved in. It was taken around Christmas 2007 just after I had got back from going to see the Olympia International Horse Show in London.

On the whiteboard are a load of bossy instructions to Mark about how to go about looking after the shop while I was away: "Please can you give the plants a drink on Tuesday" and "Don't use the D1 envelopes on the ledge..." I can't remember why I told him not to use them. There is also a huge A4 side of instructions on the (very empty looking) noticeboard along with a blank cheque made out to me...I can't remember why I had that but I wish they came along more often!

On the side is a parcel ready to go and a very new looking Bonbi shopper ready to be filled with lots of lovely orders...Those scissors, that craft knife and that tape dispenser have all since gone walkabout (I am queen of 'mis-placing' things) and that part of my studio is now entirely dedicated to jewellery. Packing orders has to take place elsewhere these days...

It's fun to look back at how things used to be...I may take more pics of the studio soon, it's rather more full and work-a-day than it was back then!

Anyway, I am tagging to take this forward:

Claire at Miso Funky

Sami at Teasemade

Anna at Custom Made

Yee Ting Kuit

and Sherisa at L'Elephant Rose



glitterysah said...

Yay! I'm glad you took part - it is a tad childish but its great having a nose at other folk's photos, and I especially love seeing other people's work spaces!! You should definately take some more studio photos, would be lovely to see where you make your gorgeous creations :)

Thanks for sharing!

Sah x

Sherisa (L'élephant Rose) said...

Ahh thanks darling! :) Thanks for tagging me! I love taking part in stuff like this.

Your workspace is rather organized, for it being so messy. Haha you don't want to see my space. Pics in 2011. :)